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We?re always losing sunglasses. Or scratching them. Sometimes even stepping on, sitting on or car-seat-crunching them. We know we?re not alone here--so you?ll understand when we say we?re resistant to spending piles of money on pricey frames.

But we?ve just discovered a way to get the crazy-cool look of international designer frames for a quarter of the price. Oversized Holly Golightly cat-eyes, wild-hued reflective lenses, white frames and more are calling us--starting at $54 each--from L.A.-based Crap Eyewear.

The irreverent name references the price, not the quality. The line is designed by a pair of creative Angelenos, a skate-culture enthusiast and an artist, who wanted to make glasses that were fashion-forward and well made but economical. It?s true: At these prices, ripping off a sunglass arm in your vintage Mercedes?s ragtop would not be a major bummer. 

The styles are sturdy, fitted with CR-39--the industry-standard plastic--optical lenses (in one case, polarized) and make us feel as hip as those kids we see doing kick-flips while wearing shades on Venice Beach. And best of all, when someone says they like our specs, we can just say, ?These? They?re just--? well, you know. 

Crap Eyewear is available at Mollusk Venice, 1600 Pacific Ave., Venice Beach, 310-396-1969; or online at

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