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Wake up with a bit of black tar under your tongue

Like seemingly every other person we know, we?re hooked on Moon Juice?s yummy cold-pressed drinks. But what?s the deal with those weird bottles of dietary supplements on the shelves? In honor of cold and flu season, here?s a short list of groovy health boosters, all vetted by juice bar owner Amanda Chantal Bacon.

For stress relief Shilajit is a bitter, sticky black tar that contains 85 minerals and seeps out of Himalayan rocks; dissolve a ball of it in water or under your tongue daily to de-stress and boost immunity. (10 grams, $80)

Ward off colds and flu Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C comes in little 1,000-milligram packets that are great to keep in your purse and car for a quick pick-me-up that?s easier for the body to digest than pills.

Feel more energetic Little Quinton Isotonics ampules of seawater electrolytes (60 for $60) are chock-full of enzymes and amino acids. Take daily as a non-caffeine energizer and to recover from tough workouts.

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