This year, our resolution is to be more like Drew Barrymore. She’s an accomplished actress and burgeoning producer. Plus, even though she’s a former wild child, she’s grown up to have a super-normal, happy family.

Did we mention she’s really pretty? 

Now she’s sharing her makeup secrets with the rest of us via a new cosmetics line called Flower Beauty (which is sold for a song at Walmart). 

Here, a few lessons we learned from the totally cute Flower Beauty website: 

Be more playful Even with a big married-lady rock on her hand, Drew sports an adorbs manicure: two hands of reverse polka dots. Do it yourself with Nail’d It lacquers in Gorgeous Gerbera pink and April Showers blue-green ($5 each).

Don’t freak out over a few lines Seriously, if she can appear barefaced in this video for her About Face foundation with primer ($14), we can relax for all those iPhone snaps. 

Lighten up We love Flower Beauty’s stackable sets of lipstick and eye shadow ($7 each). Because they’re so small, you can easily stash a few in your purse for midday look changes. 

Available at Walmart, 19503 Normandie Ave., Torrance; 310-750-0179 or

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