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Los Angeles is all about fitness studios, so why limit yourself to joining just one? After all, what if you want to try a 45-minute cycle class and a 60-minute cardio Muay Thai kickboxing session?

Now there's a workout program for the commitment-phobic: FITist.

This just-launched website is your all-access pass to exercise classes across the city, with specifically curated programs for different fitness goals.

Once you sign up, you'll choose a plan that gets you a package of monthly classes at various city studios, including big-name places like Barry's Bootcamp, Pop Physique and Pure Barre--all bookable via the FITist website.

Go with the "Slim" membership ($350 a month), for instance, and you're registered to take six cycling, four Pilates, four boot-camp and four yoga workouts. The "Body and Soul" membership ($150) allows for unlimited yoga classes. You can also opt for unlimited classes of any sort ($700 a month, plus our total admiration).

And there's even something for the procrastinators among us: The "Last Minute" section has serious discounts on top classes, all of which are posted the night before they take place.

Membership is by invitation only, though PureWow readers can get started right away by clicking here.

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