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We just cracked the code to some savings on holiday decor at a local institution--the Los Angeles Flower Market. Look like a pro and grab beautiful (and inexpensive) bounty. First things first: Show up before 10 a.m., then... 

Enter through the coffee shop Park in the $3 lot on San Julian, then brace yourself with a jolt in the Coffee Bean at the market entrance. 

Bring a wheeled cart You?ll be grateful for your cart when you hit Rios Wholesaler; lugging around 25 feet of pine garland ($25) to frame your entry mirror and an 18-inch wreath ($20) isn?t our idea of seasonal cheer.

Buy as fresh as possible Shopping for your open house on December 20? Ask the vendor now if they?ll get in another shipment of say, poinsettias, on that exact day--it?s worth heading to the market that morning. 

Think green An all-greenery arrangement is super-stylish. Zavala Wholesale has monstera leaves for $2.50 apiece (they?re $8 at our florist), and Gonzales Wholesale sells silver-tinted sumac and gold-painted succulents that look like this ($5.50). Melanie & Co. has ivy topiaries (from $30) that any hostess would be happy to receive.

Los Angeles Flower Market, 754 Wall St.; 213-622-1966 or

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