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Maybe you tied one on at a cocktail party, or while you were cooking, that oft-topped-off glass of wine snuck up on you. Whatever the cause, you’ve just woken up with a shiv in your head, and your idea of an inspired meal is a big glass of water and Tylenol. 

But hear ye, hear ye, there exists easy-to-make sustenance to get you back in fighting form. And it’s as close as your freezer (if you can make it to the kitchen). We’re thinking of Lasagna Cupcakes: hand-rolled pasta, fresh cheese and herbs with confit baby artichoke, wild mushrooms, or heirloom tomato and basil. Need to really soak up some Champagne in your system? God bless the smoked mac and cheese. A quick microwave zap and these babies are ready to cure what ails your hungry heart.

Organic caterer Heirloom L.A. created the easy-to-eat party meals a couple years ago, and since then, they’ve become the gold standard in festive fare. (Oprah serves them at parties.) You can pick them up at the company’s kitchen on the East Side or have them delivered on ice ($54 for 6). 

Have them on hand for unexpected guests--or to feed that stranger you see in your mirror on January 1. 

Heirloom L.A.; 855-456-6652 or

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