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We love a good prank. We were browsing West Hollywood?s new gift shop Max & Moritz, a rustic treasure trove of everything from industrial-chic German dustpans to handsome L.A.-crafted leather cuffs, when we stopped in our tracks. What was this trendy boutique doing selling glued-together old plates?

As we looked a little closer, it seemed we?d been taken in by a droll Italian design joke. The plates were actually fine china specially crafted to look like two halves of Chinese and English dishes glued together. (You know, the way you would if you were a clumsy eight-year-old hoping Mom wouldn?t notice.)

We couldn?t stop looking at these eye-catching pieces by Seletti, the family-run Italian firm that?s close to 50 years old. We could envision using one of the dinner plates for our cheese service and giving one of the teacups to our mother for her eclectic collection.

The bowls would make a great soup vessel for our winter table--especially when we?d watch our guests wait for what they think are its two glued pieces to come apart. (Ha-ha, it?s always nice to trick the guests.) 

Max & Moritz, 7209 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood; 323-851-2200 or

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