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Juice cleanses seem to be everywhere, touting benefits from detoxification to weight loss. But who has a handful of days to devote to drinking nothing but fluids--especially during pigs-in-a-blanket season?

But it?s because of those calorie-bombed holiday parties that we need a cleanse more than ever. We?ve dipped our toe into the juice deluge with Can Can Cleanse, a detox-focused regimen that offers one-, two- or three-day cleanses as well as five-day marathons (from $75 a day).

A rainbow of Can Can juices--purple grape and pear juice; an emerald-hued nine-greens blend; even a creamy celery-root soup--is delivered in cute mason jars at the beginning of the week for you to keep in the fridge. Here?s a tip: Sign up for the extra-calorie option, two extra juices that bring your day?s calorie count to an almost-comfortable 1,300 total. (Master Cleanse, by comparison, limits you to a measly 850 calories a day.)

We recently did a two-day cleanse. Sure, we were a little woozy in the late afternoon but were thrilled by how the morning chewy chia fruit juice and the cinnamon-spiced nut milk energized us enough to make us (almost) not miss coffee. 

Oh, and did we mention a little cheating is allowed?  

The result: After 48 hours, we swear our midsection muffin top looked only half-baked.

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