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Nudie Jeans
Nudie's Tight Long John style and its Los Angeles boutique

Jeans have always been boyish, beginning with their origin as railmen's work clothes. And these days, a popular women's jean is called the boyfriend.

Now a hot Swedish jeans company has opened its first U.S. retail store in Los Angeles, and its primarily male clientele is having to wait for the dressing room as women clamor for its premium denim.

Nudie Jeans is a ten-year-old company that ignores trends to focus instead on high-quality weaves and construction. Most fabric is sourced from Japanese mills, which are beloved by denim snobs for turning out heavy, durable fabric that's tightly woven and expensively dyed.

With Nudie, this yields a richer-looking hue, as well as jeans that cleave to the female form and don't stretch out. (Large rear pockets that make a derriere look smaller don't hurt, either.) Women love the stretch-denim high-rise High Kai ($165 to $225) and the low-rise Tight Long John ($165 to $275), both tight from the hips down. And there's the Tube Kelly ($165 to $225), too--its slightly wider leg opening reminds us of Levis 501s but cooler because of Nudie's various washes.

Just don't expect us to be doing any manual labor in them.

Nudie Jeans House, 710 N. Edinburgh Ave.; 323-791-1680 or

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