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The Lemonade Cookbook
Lemonade's fall menu includes butternut squash, carrots and Asian pears with blue cheese

Our surefire hit for out-of-town guests: a Moroccan chicken lunch served cafeteria-style at Lemonade

Sadly the place is so popular, it’s sometimes a little too crowded for a proper catch-up with College Best Friend. Instead, we’re mixing up Lemonade dishes at home, serving guests our favorite stews, salads and sandwiches from the restaurant’s just-published eponymous cookbook.

So, say you were dropping by tomorrow afternoon: We’d start you off with a watermelon-and-cucumber-mint lemonade, then we’d sit down for some soba noodles and kimchi vegetables with a creamy soy vinaigrette, along with a salad of citrus-braised cabbage with apple and goat cheese (recipe here).

But we’ve found the best thing to do with The Lemonade Cookbook is to pick one dish to make on Sunday to last the week. We’ve always savored the warm, filling braises simmering so prettily in the cafeteria’s rainbow of Le Creuset French ovens, and now once a week our stovetop is bubbling with red-miso-infused short ribs or chicken Basque with olives and artichokes. 

Cooking at home with Lemonade: no parking hassle and lots of lovely leftovers.

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