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Today is Halloween, and while the nation is raining candy corn and gummy fangs, we have our heart set on a more sophisticated treat--one of the chocolate bars from Compartés Chocolatier. 

This historic candymaker--Sinatra and Monroe used to nosh on its chocolate-dipped fruit--is known today for its flavor-forward, beautifully wrapped chocolate bars. Each of 24 bars blends tantalizingly unique tastes, many inspired by international cuisines. (Our favorites include Thai ginger-lemongrass and Moroccan fig-apricot-raisin.) There are also plain chocolate bars, made up of single-origin chocolate (the terroir trend has migrated from wine and coffee down to chocolate).

Interestingly, the 60-year-old company is run by 28-year-old Jonathan Grahm, who has given the chocolatier its of-the-moment marketing savvy. You see, he?s the one who thought to put the bars in eye-catching packaging, which includes collages of Greek gods and Surrealist imagery. You can even order chocolates customized with whatever picture you want.

Stop by the Barrington Avenue boutique--at $10 a bar, these chocolates are the most bang for your buck you?ll get in Brentwood.

Compartés, 912 S. Barrington Ave.; 310-826-3380 or

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