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New York?s latest foodie craze, the Cronut, has inspired a similar treat at a new local bakery. And we?re hoping you don?t go eat one. 

That?s because if you stop in to Kettle Glazed, the bright little doughnut counter just east of the 101, we?re worried there won?t be any of its flaky, creamy treats left for us. Chef Marjorie Ohrnstein makes ?croughnuts? (the NY chef trademarked the simpler spelling) by combining puff pastry with croissant dough. Then she fries layers of it in palm oil and fills it with vanilla-bean pastry cream. Finally, she rolls it in cinnamon sugar and drizzles it with chocolate. 

We hit Kettle Glazed at 11 a.m. on a recent weekend and snagged one ($3.50) of the few left. (They often sell out before noon.) We were trying to act nonchalant about the baked good that?s got Manhattanites waiting in line before dawn. But our game face fell when the chocolaty doughnut-croissant melted on our tongue, and we inadvertently blurted out, ?OMG.?

So, really, you should stop by Kettle Glazed and try its fine jelly doughnuts, éclairs and dough dots. Just leave the croughnuts to us, ?kay?

Kettle Glazed, 6211 Franklin Ave., Hollywood; 323-462-2344 or

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