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All the coolest yogis in town are doing it. They?re developing good karma and well-toned rear ends by wearing Teeki, yoga pants made entirely of recycled water bottles. 

It works like this: About 25 water bottles are cleaned, crushed, then made into pellets that are extruded to become fiber--specifically, recycled polyester. The materials all come from L.A., so you might wind up downward dogging in last year?s case of Evian or Poland Spring. (Act locally, L.A.)

Don?t tell our guru, but we wouldn?t be so enthusiastic about these pants? eco-virtue unless they made us look and feel great. And Teeki pants ($66) not only look hot--with fun prints including hazy clouds, Northern Lights and cheetah--they keep us feeling fresh even after an especially vigorous class. That?s because their ultrathin fabric wicks our sweat and dries by the time we?ve walked out of class. Seriously.

They?re available at yoga studios including Golden Bridge in Santa Monica and Aura Yoga in West Hollywood, but don?t be surprised if you see a pair or two during your next afternoon coffee date. Don?t hate us because we?re dutiful.

Golden Bridge, 719 Broadway, Santa Monica; 310-395-1476 or

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