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Remember the way Love Actually made you feel in that wrenching cue-cards-and-boombox scene? Or when you saw Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant together at the end of Notting Hill? Isn?t it about time you fell in love like that with a movie again?  Writer-director Richard Curtis returns with his most personal and memorable film of all, About Time. And we?re inviting our readers to join us for a sneak preview.

The story begins when a young man, Tim (Domhnall Gleeson), learns that the men in his family have the ability to go back and relive any moment of their lives. (The scene is absolutely hilarious, thanks to the young man?s father, played by the deftly comic Bill Nighy.) When Tim meets the love of his life, Mary (Rachel McAdams), he uses his special gift to woo her. But as their years together unspool, he finds that in the end life and love are most extraordinary when you embrace all of their imperfections. 

The story keeps you guessing, ping-ponging between character-driven humor and bittersweet poignancy. Curtis also wrote Four Weddings and a Funeral, so expect a lot of charm and bluster. (Man, the Brits are funny.)

The movie opens nationwide November 8, but you can see it at our free screening on Tuesday, October 29. Just click here. We don?t want to give away the ending, but do have a tissue ready, just in case.

Sundance Sunset, 8000 Sunset Blvd.;

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