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Sweet Rose Creamery
Sweet Rose Creamery carries at least 15 flavors daily

Foodie Angelenos have been melting into puddles over an unassuming storefront on Pico Boulevard. It’s time for you to get in on the wonderful mess that is Sweet Rose Creamery.

The new ice cream counter--a larger version of the tiny Brentwood location--serves small-batch, farmers’ market fare that makes our usual fave flavors seem old hat.

It’s because Japanese artist-turned-chef Shiho Yoshikawa is constantly introducing new flavor combinations. The night we stopped in, the Maggie’s Mint with Chocolate Ripples tickled our nose with its fragrant minty scent, no doubt since its herbs had been picked just days before at Maggie’s Farm in Agoura Hills. 

There are some flavors that need a little more explanation. When we read Bayleaf with Roasted Jujube and Walnuts on the blackboard menu, we thought it sounded unappetizing, but the counter staff explained jujube is a Korean date and gave us a spoonful of ice cream rich with chopped fruit and nuts. It tasted like fruitcake...but good.

Our favorite is the Kyoho grape soft serve, made with a grape beloved in Japan for its very sweet flesh. As ice cream, it has the sharp pleasantness of dry wine. Kyohos are in season for only a month, so take their cold comfort while you can through October at Sweet Rose Creamery.

Sweet Rose Creamery, 826 Pico Blvd.; 310-260-2663 or

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