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If you?re like us, you?ve been up, down and sideways in yoga classes before. But have you ever practiced with a side of light therapy? Yeah, us neither. 

Aura Yoga is a tiny new studio where colored lights change hues to enhance practitioners? experience of classes. Some shades (dark blue and purple, for example) help create a calming effect, while others (bright orange, red) energize. The idea comes from chromotherapy, an alternative healing practice meant to rebalance chi, Eastern medicine?s vital energy force.

In our class, instructor Jake Ferree had us lay flat in the dark, then announced we?d be having a water-focused class. Blue lights flooded the room--and our gimmick alert went off. But during the hour that followed, as purple changed to aquamarine in concert with tunes from classical music to Ellie Goulding, we panted through a challenging flow. 

By savasana, the deep blue felt like warm water, womblike. Ferree later explained that class hues vary--he might use all the chakra colors in an hour, while an October 26 breast cancer fundraiser will be pink-lit. As for us, our azure-tinted session left us feeling anything but blue.

Aura Yoga, 8608 W. Sunset Blvd., W. Hollywood; 323-570-0570 or

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