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Whole foods for dogs in WeHo
You'll be the one begging for a taste.

Toys, custom collars, even tepees--we love spoiling our dog. But until recently, we?ve neglected to splurge on what?s got to be her favorite pastime: eating. 

That?s where Just Food for Dogs, a new WeHo pet-food store, comes in. This sleek shop mixes fresh meats, organic veggies and vitamins on the premises in an open kitchen, then freezes them into ready-to-thaw pouches. 

Flavors (from $2.50 for 7 oz.) include beef and russet potato, turkey and whole wheat macaroni and, for pescatarians, cod and tilapia with sweet potato. There are even snacks, like seven kinds of dried treats (from steak to pumpkin; $6 for 6 oz.) and peanut-butter-banana pupsicles ($2). 

Just Food for Dogs is healthier than most over-the-counter kibble because it doesn?t have preservatives or possible (shudder) poisons. Added bonus: Our best friend will have less gas and poop, since this food is easier to digest and contains no fillers. 

In fact, we hear that one hostess served human dinner guests the beef formula as a gag--and they begged for more. We can?t say we?ve tried it ourselves, but trust us, the peanut-butter treats are worth fetching.

Just Food for Dogs, 7870 Santa Monica Blvd., W. Hollywood; 866-726-9509 or

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