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Here?s a hot new word in home design for you to learn: tillandsia. No, it?s not a trendy Italian furniture maker; it?s the Latin name of those air plants you?ve spied at chic hotels and restaurants. And a fellow called Airplantman is aiming to make us love this type of low-maintenance flora.

Airplantman is the nom de fleur of Josh Rosen, a landscape designer who is positively gaga about tillandsia: little green plants that don?t require soil or care except for a weekly sink bath. He?s created frames ($130) made out of aluminum and powder-coated in matte white, black, gray and glossy orange paint to hold arrangements of air plants on hand-strung stainless-steel cables. 

Rosen also sells little vessels (from $35) made of wood, ceramic or steel that hold a single plant aloft like a sculpture. 

The frames come with a starter plant collection, and there are single plants available (from $2) for the vessels. We like the rectangular vases clustered on a tablescape and the frames practically anywhere, especially the bathroom

Now that?s what we call green design.

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