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California Legacy License Plate Program
Your license plate can be this sharp, even if your ride isn't

Sure, we love today’s cars for their fuel thrift and luxury, but let’s be real--the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s were when the wheels were really kicking. Now we’ve got a way to recapture a bit of that T-Bird and muscle car magic, with the new legacy license plates.

California’s Department of Motor Vehicles is selling retro-styled plates in three colors: yellow plates with black lettering (originally issued from 1956 to 1963), black with yellow lettering (1964 to 1969) and blue with yellow lettering (issued until 1982). While the DMV is marketing them to classic car enthusiasts, we think these plates would make even our late-model Volvo look a little funkier.

Legacy plates are a little different from the actual antique plates you see around. New ones use reflective, not flat, paint. But they retain the stamped surface of yesteryear and the classic, no-nonsense layout. 

Each of three color options needs to have 7,500 preorders before the state will make them, and the DMV is accepting preorders until January 1, 2015. We’re sending in our $50 today and looking forward to adding a little rev to our ride.

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