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& Pens Press
Rare fashion magazines, books and zines from & Pens Press

Tablescaping our coffee table is a little bit of an obsession. Floral element, check. Sculptural object, check. Stack of visually stimulating books that reflect our exquisite taste...hmm, that?s a bit tougher. 

But we found the mother lode of cool-looking books at & Pens Press, the new hybrid bookshop-gallery in Culver City. And we didn?t just judge its hard-to-find art books and small-edition zines by their covers; we unexpectedly found ourselves whiling away 90 minutes reading. 

How could we not, with a fascinating tome on modernist master artist Josef Albers?s color theory ($18), a travel guide with cool celebs called The Travel Almanac ($18) and the bio of our favorite local indie artist, Come Alive! The Spirited Art of Sister Corita ($30)?

Shop owner Andrew Martin Scott is a former NoCal punk rocker who loved the handmade niche zines popular on the indie music scene, and his bookshop includes limited-edition works you won?t see at any Barnes & Noble. (Our favorite is a dead-funny artist tract of fake flyers, $8.) There?s even a small gallery in the back of the shop for rotating monthly art shows.

Now as soon as we get over our OCD about keeping all our books straight, we can get back to reading.

& Pens Press, 8564 Washington Blvd., Culver City; 310-204-2500 or

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