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Garde Robe
Today Carrie Bradshaw would have a digital closet

One of the eternal questions is, What?s the use of having nice clothes if I can?t find anything to wear? Well, fret not, dear style set: Closet-organizing service Garde Robe is here to show you your options...on your computer or iPad.  

The company, closet keeper to celebs and busy professionals since 2001, has just opened its first shop in Los Angeles. The breadth of its wardrobe-wrangling services is inspiring--see below. 

I can?t keep track of my clothing! Help. Garde Robe comes to your house, collects your clothes, then photographs them on a dress form against a seamless backdrop. At a cost of about $25 a garment, they?ll set up an online closet for you, so you can flip through your garments from your computer or iPad and know exactly what pieces you have.

Where?s that sweater I loved last year? The company will pick up your out-of-season garments and keep them in a climate-controlled facility. When you need them again, Garde Robe will drop them off within two business days.

Where are my ski pants? I?m flying to Aspen next week! The luggage-free valet service lets you store items, then have them packed and express-shipped ahead on your behalf, so you don?t have any bulky baggage to contend with. (You only pay for shipping.) Even if you pack your own bag, the company can send a representative to your home to collect it and get it to your destination.

And here?s a special offer for PureWow readers: New Garde Robe members get a $200 couture dry-cleaning credit by entering PUREWOW in the ?Referred by? box at checkout.

Garde Robe, 10700 Santa Monica Blvd., Ste. 160; 888-427-3311 or

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