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MyYogaWorks: CliffsNotes for the finer points of posing

Even the most dedicated yogis among us don?t have all the skills. We might be able to touch our toes, but our lack of core strength has us feeling like a wet noodle. And our flying pigeon just won?t take flight. 

But now we're improving our moves: Thanks to the Journey Series on the new online yoga site MyYogaWorks, we can up our dexterity without embarrassing ourselves publicly. These video playlists are designed by L.A.?s top teachers--all affiliated with the popular Yogaworks studios--and range from beginners? tutorials to advanced instruction. They even come with suggestions for how often to practice them. 

These videos are not just for specific poses or body parts, either--there are ones for new moms, athletes and even a five-minute workout that doesn?t require a mat, for those of us chained to a desk

Videos range from 5 to 90 minutes, so you can be sure to get your practice in no matter how busy your day is. Best of all, subscription to the site is only $15 a month--with new videos and Journey Series added bi-weekly. 

Soon we?ll be handstanding with the best of them.

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