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What?s not to love about floral crowns? They make everyone from brides to music festival goers seem a little groovier. Now customized flower crowns are the latest party trick, thanks to the Cult Gaia cart.

Cult Gaia is a Los Angeles-based online shop that has turned lovely silk and paper flower crowns (from $75) into a mass commodity. 

And now designer Jasmin Larian (yes, it?s her real name) is creating her flattering headgear from fresh blooms via a mobile flower cart. It goes like this: Four ?Gaia girl scouts? bring the cart, heaped with seasonal flowers, to your event. It?s as exactly as pretty and quaint as it sounds--Chanel even did a similar one in London. Guests choose their flowers, then watch as they are woven onto soft wire bands with adjustable ribbon ties in the back. Arrangements last for a few days with a light misting of water (and can reweave the crowns with fresh flowers and a bit of floral wire).

Five hundred crowns cost $3,500; contact Larian directly to discuss smaller events.

It?s a lock that guests will Instagram the heck out of it--and go home with a forget-me-never party favor.

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