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Step aside, windsurfers, kite-surfers and surfers. We're dropping in on the wave of a newer aquatic sport called paddle-surfing--and we're learning it in as little as 90 minutes.

Local surf school Go Surf promises to get us upright on our first lesson, according to owner Peter Paris. This cute instructor (he's guested on Date My Ex and Love in the Wild) is so charming and seasoned that we believe him.

Paris explains paddle-surfing (also called stand-up paddle-surfing or SUPping) as similar to sea kayaking--except you're upright. Plus, balancing for long periods on a wobbly board is a great core workout.

Students are outfitted with a wet suit, a nine-foot board and a single oar-like paddle. Lessons begin with etiquette and basic strokes, then move on to taking off frontside and backside as well as paddling a wave.

Newbie lessons are held in Santa Monica's uncrowded, gentle waves. PureWow readers taking the plunge this month (when October's heat makes wet suits optional) can get two lessons for the price of one ($80). Just enter "PureWow" in the online-reservations comment section.

What better way to experience the wave of the future?

Go Surf, 310-428-9870 or

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