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Flowers are a great thank-you gift--and there?s no better last-minute way to say happy birthday--but we always have a bit of buyer?s remorse. So much money for something that?s going to last less than a week. 

Now a bright new florist in Silverlake, Spruce, has figured out a way to make arrangements last twice as long: by submerging them in water. 

Florist Gaige Clark takes a flower (maybe an orchid or chrysanthemum) or even greenery (a succulent or, our favorite, an aralia leaf), anchors it in a large jar with some lava rocks, then completely fills the jar with water. The effect is super-modern, unique, and best of all, the arrangements begin at only $25 and last for at least two weeks with just a weekly change of water.

Clark has been submerging flowers since 2005 from Spruce's Manhattan flagship, but her recent move to Los Angeles inspired her to drown succulents while playing around with containers at her new shop on Fountain. It's a white-on-white boutique that?s more like an art gallery than a traditional florist. And like with our favorite galleries, we?ll be frequenting Spruce to see what other arty arrangements Clark has up her tattooed sleeve.

Spruce, 4313 Fountain Ave.; 323-660-9300 or

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