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So often we?re told, ?Just bring the dessert,? by a dinner party host. But what does that mean, exactly? Fruit? Tarts? A quart of Häagen Dazs? 

We?ve found a new spot for crowd-pleasing sweets in Lady M Confections. It specializes in French mille crêpes cakes, in which 20 stacked crêpes are interspersed with layers of pastry cream. The top layer is caramelized with a delicious crisp.

The company started in Manhattan nine years ago, and today Angelenos are crowding into its new shop on West Third Street, a sleek white-and-glass café that sets off the gem tones of the cakes. 

There?s the special summertime strawberry cake with suspended red berry chunks. And the chocolate mousse cake--our favorite since it?s rich without being too heavy. And be sure to check out the most beautiful cake--a bright green tea flavor.

You can buy whole cakes (from $40 for a six-inch round) or single slices ($5.50 to $8.50). Think of them as perfect circles of hospitality.

Lady M Confections, 8718 W. Third St.; 424-279-9495 or

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