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Elysian Landscapes
Landscaper Judy Kameon installed synthetic lawn against a border including succulents.

It?s one of the few things that tarnishes Golden State landscaping--water. It seems like we?re always in a drought, and it costs a bundle to quench our lawns. (Plus, all that sprinkling makes us eco-guilty.) 

But there?s a solution--fake grass. 

Don?t be put off by its reputation as the toupee of landscaping: Today?s versions are way better than old-fashioned Astroturf. 

We first came across EasyTurf at the recent Dwell on Design, where we joined a pack of admirers in stroking its soft little blades and marveling over its brown under-layer. And truth be told, we let out a little ?Amen!? when we heard how pet owners can tidy up with a quick blast of the hose. 

Prestige landscapers including Judy Kameon of Elysian Landscapes champion the faux stuff. She uses EasyTurf and Synlawn because they?re great for shady spots and flat places on hillsides where we SoCal homeowners know that overwatering can lead to dreaded erosion.

Kameon turned a patch of desert into the idyllic Parker Palm Springs, so imagine what a little turf can do for you.

Elysian Landscapes, 2340 W. Third St.; 213-380-3185 or

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