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Haven?t you always dreamed of getting fit...while doing absolutely nothing? Well, get comfortable, dear friends, because at Firm Body Evolution after a mere ten minutes of cardio and a quick 20 spent vibrating (more on that in a sec...), you escape to an infrared sauna for 30 minutes. Snoozing encouraged. 

It?s the 10/20/30 class, and after initial skepticism, we are convinced it works. The premise is that quick yet intense trainer-led workouts on high-tech equipment plus an infrared sauna session is better than frequent traditional trips to the gym.

This is how it all goes down: You begin with cardio. First up is a ten-minute ride on the Helix Lateral Trainer, a topsy-turvy elliptical trainer with pedals that go sideways. Next you step onto the Whole Body Vibration machine (a refinement of the machine Madonna uses), where you jiggle for 20 minutes. Just trying to keep upright on the metal plate engages--and strengthens--your muscles. (And now we know what we?d look like twerking.) 

Lastly, you slip into the infrared sauna pod for a glorious half hour. While you doze, your skin is sweating out toxins.

We left Firm Body Evolution (membership starts at $199 a month) sipping a free alkaline water, feeling exercised, Iron Man tech-savvy--as well as blissfully chilled out.

Firm Body Evolution, 8704 Santa Monica Blvd. (at Westbourne), Third Fl. ; 310-652-5522 or

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