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Sweet Clementine's Popsicles
Sweet Clementine's ice pops are fun for all ages

Downtown Los Angeles is getting lots of press for its rash of chic downtown eateries. But we?re most excited about a humble treat that?s giving us childhood flashbacks. 

Sweet Clementine?s Popsicles is a one-woman operation that turns out fruit-packed ice pops ($3) that get our vote for 2013?s best dessert. Layne Eiler, a tall blonde foodie who used to work as a barista at Intelligentsia, churns out the frozen little wands from a pastel cart outside DTLA?s Grand Central Market. Like any good chef, Eiler changes her menu daily--when we visited, we tried the pleasantly spicy mango and chile, the intensely sweet strawberry and basil and, our favorite, the refreshing honeydew. 

Eiler?s a girl after our own heart: She doesn?t like big, filling desserts, so she makes her treats in 1.5-ounce sizes. These ice pops are her Proustian madeleine, inspired by the ice-cream truck that tooled through her girlhood neighborhood in Arcadia. But Eiler?s treats are healthy, made without the high-fructose corn syrup of mass-made frozen desserts.

She serves about 80 pops a day with her henna-tattooed hands. Here?s to Eiler for giving us a kiddie delight in the middle of our grown-up workday.

Sweet Clementine?s Popsicles at Grand Central Market, 317 S. Broadway;

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