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We?re treating ourselves to a new fragrance, but rather than testing random spritzes at Sephora, we visited Original Scent, a new custom-blending boutique.

Down a hidden alley in Old Town Pasadena, Original Scent turns fragrance shopping into a playfully self-indulgent event. Our session started with a lab-coat-clad scent specialist asking us about ourselves. (It was like a speed date...except fun.) We said that we like the color blue, citrus and nothing too flowery.

Our staffer uncorked sparkling apothecary bottles to sniff. (She made us close our eyes to concentrate.) Surprisingly, even after dozens, we didn?t get our usual fragrance-counter headache--perhaps it was the quality of the ingredients or the shop?s breezy design. 

We walked out wearing a yummy scent, which we named ?Hammock,? blended from our favorite notes of bergamot, lavender, cucumber, frankincense and Pacific musk with a hint of lychee (we may have a commitment issue). 

For $99, clients get a .5 oz. eau de parfum spray or mini-roller oil pen, with nominally priced refills. For $89 a person, Original Scent will make home visits for party guests. We can?t wait to have our guests exclaim, ?Gee, your lair smells terrific.?

Original Scent, 34 Hugus Alley, Pasadena; 626-657-2226 or

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