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Agnes Baddoo Leathergoods
Photo courtesy of Tomboy Style

There?s something to be said about a worn-in leather bag. And not the ones you buy pre-distressed at Barneys--we?re talking really worn. Twenty years worn. To the point that the strap is perfectly formed to your shoulder, and you can recall its marks as if they?re scars on your own body.

Designer, stylist and Hollywood cool-girl Agnes Baddoo (few can compete with her ?80s white Mercedes) has a similar story starring her mother?s leather tote. Having inherited the roomy bag 40 years ago, she carried it everywhere--until a broken strap rendered the worn-to-perfect purse beyond use. With no luck finding a suitable replacement, she took matters into her own (insanely artistic) hands and designed Sac 1 and 2.

Handcrafted in L.A., each simple yet stately Sac is made of natural cowhide and holds a timeless shape. But unlike with many other leather totes (which you practically need a plastic case and umbrella to protect), Baddoo encourages customers to be a little rough, as the non-treated leather becomes buttery soft and transforms into a burnished color with age. 

In other words: It becomes infinitely cooler. 

Baddoo currently carries two sizes on her site: Sac 1 (12 by 12 inches, $250) and Sac 2 (15 by 17 inches, $375), with plenty more offerings on the way. (Sign us up for the Black Buffalo.)

It just might be the last bag you?ll ever buy (for the next 40 years, anyway). 

Agnes Baddoo bags are available at

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