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Ah, ?lazy? summer days: There?s yoga or a trail hike, a post-workout smoothie, then approximately 73 errands to run. And that?s just Saturday. 

But we?ve discovered one way to make our downtime downright easy: Running Skirts. While there are lots of brands on the market, we?ve fallen in love with this particular one for its moisture-wicking fabric, range of patterns and the design--the non-cinching waist is cut high for tummy coverage and the length hides any jiggle.

Ironic that our mortal bodies look and feel great in these skirts, since they were developed by a couple of Encinitas-based ultra-marathon-running twins. Cindy Lynch and Christy Baker test everything on trails themselves, so all the details are perfect: Side pockets don?t pooch, and the athletic skirt?s shorts have enough compression to stay put--even in our most gonzo downward dog. 

So yes, we?ve worn our skirts to yoga, Runyon Canyon, the farmers? market and to lunch at Lemonade. They?re soft enough to sleep in--but if we did, that?s our secret. 

Running Skirts apparel is available at Dick's Sporting Goods, 3359 E. Foothill Blvd., Pasadena; 626-351-1843 or

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