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As we write this, we?re sipping on a soft drink. No, not a vilified aspartame-laced diet drink. Nor one of those waistline-ruining sugary sodas. We?re throwing back a PopWater, the new sparkling beverage that hopes to capture the public?s imagination as much as its investor, Lady Gaga.

PopWater?s being tested in Southern California before a nationwide rollout later this year; we found it at a Chevron filling station in Studio City. Once we had a bottle, or six, we saw a lot of parallels between the pop star and her pop drink ($2)--both are fizzy and sweet but not cloying. (PopWater has only 30 calories thanks to Stevia sweetener, presumably because Gaga knows how weight gain can throw a girl off-message.) It comes in pineapple, orange, green apple and grape; the orange was our favorite, while we turned our noses up at the pineapple?s too-creamy finish. Out goes our seltzer and lime, and in comes our effervescent new beverage of choice.

If this drinks catches on, it could mean a huge paycheck for Gaga and the brand?s creative director, fashion photographer Terry Richardson. When 50 Cent, an early investor in Vitamin Water, sold his 10 percent stake to Coca-Cola in 2007, his estimated cash-out was more than $60 million. GaGa Ooh La La, indeed.

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