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You know how sometimes you?ll see an unusual piece of art or a fashion item and think, Hmm, that?s weird?and then you can?t stop yourself from thinking about it? Your initial distaste turns to attraction--even obsession?

That?s how we feel about a shoe we saw at LAX the other day, when a model-type (you know: linen leggings, silky tee) slipped off her black suede loafers embroidered with bones at the security checkpoint. The shoes looked so strange--part goth, part Milanese high fashion--that we had to track them down.

Turns out the Jem Skull Slipper ($350) is the centerpiece of a new collection of L.A.-made shoes by stylist Tamara Ingham and Aussie model Jasmine Yarbrough. (Yes, you are officially surrounded by models.) Mara & Mine shoes are all fashion-forward flats inspired by the ladies of the Amalfi Coast and Mexico?s Dia de los Muertos iconography (hence the skulls). Designs range from simple (peppy minimalist neon, $250) to glamorous (sandals ornamented with gold metal, $350).

The closed-toe shoe sewn with Mexican blankets ($290) aces the current Southwest trend. All the shoes have leather soles, many with comfy nubuck lining, so we?re easing through our summer in comfort and still looking flat-out fabulous.

Mara & Mine shoes are available at Curve, 154 N. Robertson Blvd.; 310-360-8008 or

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