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Everything old is new again. Case in point: Of-the-moment Society for Rational Dress is inspired by 19th-century reformers who sought to free women from restrictive clothing.

During Victorian times, many women died when their huge skirts burst aflame near fireplaces. This moved that era's "Rational Dress Society" to protest anything figure deforming or movement impeding, such as high heels, weighted skirts and tight corsets.

Present-day designer Corinne Grassini's work is an homage to those trailblazing feminists of fabric. The young Angeleno's asymmetrical tunics and dresses are conceived to be flattering on a range of body types, rather than just following current trends in silhouette.

Ironically, we're most impressed with Society's bits of bondage, like the little leather straps on a halter dress, the chains on a deconstructed T-shirt or a leather belt atop a flowy Grecian evening gown.

While select items are sold locally at Bleu, we recommend stopping in at the Society's by-appointment-only store, Reserve, for a full look at Grassini's vision. It's one small step toward a revolution in chic.

Society for Rational Dress, 255 South Santa Fe Ave. #100; 213-613-0757 or

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