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Planning for a big event, especially one with out-of-towners, can feel like a tedious full-time job. Wrangling caterers, florists, venue representatives (whatever those are)--and then on top of it all, you?re supposed to prep thoughtfully sourced goodie bags. It?s enough to make us want to call in sick. 

No more. Gracious Goodies, a New York company that?s recently expanded to Los Angeles, assembles high-end gift bags exactly how you want them.

It's fast: First choose your vessel from $4 white boxes to $50 Steele Canvas totes. Then browse a cornucopia you?d never have found on your own--sinful brown butter salty cookies ($8), healthful almond butter ($2), even hangover remedies ($5). Finally, select a tag, tissue and ribbon. Done and done!

We were pleased to learn that the minimum is only 20 bags, and were reassured that gift bag veterans are available for phone consults. (One caveat--you have to order at least three weeks prior, but if you?re behind schedule, the understanding female staff will do their best to fit you in.)  

Mostly, though, we are thrilled to give friends and family gift bags free of stray pet hairs or dust from our home. Represent!

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