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We?ll admit it--we?re pretty obsessed with our diet, trying to eat as cleanly as possible with an emphasis on organic fruits and vegetables. But sourcing and prepping all those goji berries is getting tiresome. So we?re happy to have found a raw-food chef?s secret weapon for loading dishes with nutrients in a single stroke: superfood supplements.

Philosophie powders (from $20 for 4 oz.) come in three flavors: Berry Bliss, Green Dream and Cacao Magic. We add just a tablespoon to our food to get a bonus blast of nutrients. Berry Bliss, which we like in our morning granola-and-almond milk, has vitamin C-rich acai, goji and camu camu. (It's especially good for stress relief and improving skin and nails.) Green Dream, which we add to smoothies, includes spirulina and maca and is rich in plant-based proteins. 

Tasty, immune-boosting Cacao Magic is our favorite (as chocolate lovers, this is not a surprise). Philosophie?s founder, Sophie Jaffe, was inspired to create it using the foods her mother consumed during a successful battle against Stage IV breast cancer. Chinese herbs, medicinal mushrooms like chaga and more are blended with organic cacao powder, a powerful anti-inflammatory. 

On the Philosophie website, Jaffe has added more than a dozen recipes for all kinds of foods to make using the supplements. We dare you not to love the creaminess of her no-bake Cacao Magic Hazelnut Cake--make your own using the recipe here. 

Philosophie is available at Erewhon, 7660 Beverly Blvd.; 323-937-0777 or

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