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Divine Dips
Rastaberry has chunks of strawberry in a vegan raspberry base

Ice cream’s delicious--that’s a no-brainer. But we’re increasingly eating vegan because it’s healthy and animal-product-free. We always thought vegan ice cream was a watery waste of time...until we tried Divine Dips vegan ice cream.

The secret to its six flavors--including Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, our favorite, Infinite Mint, and more--is that instead of using tofu as a base like some other nondairy frozen desserts, Divine Dips is made from coconut milk, almond milk and cashews, sweetened with organic agave. (Yes, those are some of our favorite ingredients as well.)

In another fortuitous instance of “Those who can’t find…make” (the same scenario that has yielded products as varied as bottled kombucha and status luggage), Divine Dips was whipped up when founder Diane R. Jacobs (a pastry chef, artist and architect) became lactose-intolerant. She couldn’t find a nondairy frozen treat she liked, so she created her own. Each of her flavors is as rich as the real thing; even the Rastaberry--raspberry ice cream with chunks of strawberry--which you would expect to taste icy, is surprisingly (and decadently) creamy.

Available at health-food stores across L.A., Divine Dips also makes specialty flavors for restaurants: Plate in Malibu serves its Matcha Green Tea with roasted pistachios and Kiwi Passion with passion fruit, and South Pasadena’s Charm Vegan is scooping up the Thai Iced Tea. 

Available at Erewhon Natural Foods Market, 7660 Beverly Blvd.; 323-937-0777 or

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