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Getting a good night?s sleep is a challenge--not only for us but also for our out-of-town guests. That?s why we?ve begun using the best non-pharmacological sleep aid since chamomile tea: Purusa Dream Extract.

Made to spritz on pillows and sheets, Dream Extract evokes fresh hotel linens mixed with herbal tones reminiscent of a luxury spa. The scent is incredibly light, and no one of the clary sage, bergamot or sandalwood notes stand out more than another. The fragrance just smells clean and relaxing. No wonder--clary sage is used by herbalists to eradicate fear and anxiety, bergamot to treat depression and sandalwood as a cleansing agent.

We discovered the Purusa line after falling in love with the company?s delightfully unique Seed solid fragrance (a cardamom, coriander and cumin medley) at Myrtle boutique. Don?t get us wrong, it?s not a miracle elixir but more a part of the solution--it?s a spritz of Dream Extract, then we pull down the blackout shades and sometimes we even tape over the lights on our clock radio and bedroom television--all in the name of a good night?s sleep. Our houseguests seem to like it, too. Now if we can only find a spray to get visitors to leave after more than a couple nights. 

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