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After knocking out our car?s alignment on a Beverly Boulevard pothole for the millionth time, we?re fed up. But like with so many things we need from City Hall--cleaning up graffiti, fixing streetlights--we have no idea whom to call, and dread hours of being placed on hold to the musical stylings of Muzak. 

Now there?s a new, easy-to-use app for such annoyances: MyLA311 is a quick and free download (well, it cost taxpayers $150,000, but who?s counting?). Not only can you file complaints, you can pay your water and power bills; get directions to parks, pools and playgrounds; even get reports on traffic accidents via the fire department Twitter feed. (We?re not going to ask how they have time to Tweet en route to a burning building.?)

Here?s how it works: Just touch the ?Submit Service Request? button, then select from a drop-down menu of service types (bulky item pickup, sidewalk repair, etc.). By the magic of GPS, the app knows where you are; after you enter your name, email and phone number once, you simply tap ?send? and your complaint is whooshed to the correct city agency.

Beverly Boulevard?s still bumpy, but by sending a complaint to MyLA311, we got a head start on a smooth finish.

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