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Yarnbombing L.A.
Wrapped trees and a mock-up of the craft museum post-yarnbombing

In the past few years we’ve heard a lot about yarnbombing, the new form of street art in which crafters hang colorful pre-knit or crocheted fabric in unexpected public areas. It’s sweeping the globe--check out this zany bus in Mexico City or the funny legwarmer on a statue in Paris.

The art form made a bright debut here in 2011 when the “guerrilla knitters” of Yarnbombing L.A. had more than 60 participants (ranging from professional artists to an accountant hobbyist) transform the neighborhood around Santa Monica’s 18th Street Arts Complex with knit parrots in the trees, wrapped outdoor benches and more. (Read about the project in the just-published Yarn Bombing 18th Street.)

Now the group has an even bolder move up its raglan sleeve: On May 25, its members will cover the entire outside of the Craft and Folk Art Museum with an ersatz tea cozy made of 12,000-plus donated granny squares. The squares, which have been donated from participants in dozens of countries, are all set to go, they just need to be assembled. We’ll be doing our part to help, and you can too, by turning up at the organization’s Stitch ‘N’ Bitch workshop the third Saturday of every month at the museum. 

Craft and Folk Art Museum, 5814 Wilshire Blvd.; 323-937-4230 or

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