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Waiting in line for coffee is getting on our nerves (we’re talking about you, Intelligensia). Luckily, we’ve discovered a calming alternative: Matcha powdered green tea, which devotees believe suppresses everything from diabetes to cancer and lifts everything else from metabolism to your mood. 

But not all matchas are created equal, according to Alissa White, proprietress of Matcha Source, a new West Third Street emporium that sells everything to make your own. Her powder matcha formulas, which can be used in shakes, lattes and teas, are imported from Japan to ensure purity and flavor. (We first ordered tea using her ingredients downtown at The Daily Dose.) The shockingly bright powder gets its restorative powers from the way it’s grown--shade-covered and early harvested--which leaves it full of antioxidants, chlorophyll, fiber and amino acids. 

White touts matcha’s versatility--yummy in smoothies or green-tea noodles, baked in cupcakes, sprinkled on yogurt or mixed with salt on eggs and fish. (Nobu Miami makes its Green Tea ice cream with the powder from Matcha Source.) We’ve been having a home Japanese tea ceremony, frothing matcha-almond-milk lattes with an adorable bamboo whisk. We get sustained energy all day, without the spikes, jitters--or lines.  

Matcha Source, 8036 W. Third St.; 310-845-9392 or

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