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Alexis Smart Flower Remedies
Clematis blossoms distilling in water

Sometimes we find ourselves in a perfect storm of stress or self-doubt, and our usual self-care regimen doesn’t quite restore our sanity. Casting about for calm recently, we discovered the instantly soothing tinctures of Echo Park naturopath Alexis Smart.

Smart’s Flower Remedies are flower distillates suspended in alcohol that work according to the principle that the unique positive “vibrational” nature of certain flowers can be used to re-balance the body and emotions. They’re the same sort of alternative medicine as best-selling Rescue Remedy, which you’ve seen at Whole Foods.

Four drops of Smart’s First Aid Kit stress-combating formula--a mix of clematis, cherry plum, crab apple and more--under our tongue four times a day, and miraculously we felt a silky scrim of ease fall in front of us as our neck muscles loosened.

After our experience, we look forward to sampling other formulas: Beauty Formula No. 8 reverses feelings of unattractiveness by relaxing facial muscles and brightening complexions. For a friend going through a bad breakup, the WholeHearted formula comforts and facilitates letting go. Her essences are $25 each and sold at Dream Collective and Strange Invisible Perfume, and Smart will mix a custom elixir after a $200 personal consultation.

Strange Invisible Perfumes, 1138 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice; 310-314-1505 or

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