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A few years ago, we fell in love with a product we didn?t even know we needed--Rodin hair oil. A friend taught us how to squeeze a few drops into our hands, then rub it into the tips of our dry hair to transform a lank curtain into a sexy, piecey lion?s mane.

Now we?re hooked on a new beauty oil, this one especially apt for southern California?s changeable weather. No. 3 Berry Face Oil ($58), named for its three primary ingredients, lingonberry, acai berry and raspberry, is a lightweight skin treatment that sinks right into the skin, unlike so many wax-based creams that sit on top of the dermis and have us worried they're suffocating our pores whenever it hits 80 degrees. The slightly medicinal aroma and tingle (it?s the raspberry) reassure us that the anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties of the mix are working--well, that and our incredibly supple-feeling skin.

We think of No. 3 Berry Face Oil as the perfect white T-shirt of skincare--it?s an ideal base on which to layer other products depending on your activity and style.

No. 3 Berry Face Oil is available online at

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