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Pazzo Gelato
Pazzo Gelato's fresh fare and their Silverlake location

Yes, we all scream for ice cream. Only these days, we wail for exotic flavor pairings-and, in L.A., our farmland riches give us a cornucopia of mouth-watering choices.

Silverlake's Pazzo Gelato is a destination ice creamery, with hipsters lounging at outdoor tables until 10 p.m. (Its just-opened Echo Park satellite has thankfully less wait time.) We love their intense gelatos and creative flavors (Madagascar chocolate, Guinness with chevre and fig).

But Pazzo's sorbettos really refresh in the midday sun. Dairy free, they're basically crushed ice with fruit, so they yield sparkling flavor with fewer calories. Farmers' market ingredients inspire flavors: This week, you'll find mandarin orange, red grape and strawberry with chocolate chips.

Iranian ice creamery Mashti Malone's has foodies clamoring, but for Middle Eastern-inflected recipes such as rose with sour cherry or pomegranate sorbet. And at Scoops in Koreatown and Palms, we break our sorbet-only rule for daring flavors like brown bread (made with Grape Nuts), gorgonzola and chocolate-wasabi.

On all our ice cream jaunts, we're sure to take a pint home for later, to top off slices of pie--a la mode that's deliciously au courant.

Pazzo Gelato, 1910 W. Sunset Blvd.; 213-353-9263 or
Mashti Malone's, 1525 N. La Brea Ave.; 323-874-0144 or
Scoops, 3400 Overland Ave. at Woodbine; 323-405-7055 or

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