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South Los Angeles Animal Care Center
Cuties like this former freeway rescue await at South Central's new shelter

Our heart swelled this week--not because we ate too much chocolate yesterday but from the bright eyes and wagging tails at the new animal shelter in South Los Angeles.

The just-opened $9 million South Los Angeles Animal Care Center is a city-run pound that seeks to coax adoptions using crafty, cheerful design. (Okay, it does kind of resemble a silver-and-green metal spaceship.) Architect Rania Alomar, who previously designed the private Westside German Shepherd Rescue, took her cues from retail shopping. On the way to the most-requested pets (puppies), visitors walk past bunnies, reptiles and other critters visible through windows designed to make prospective owners consider an “alternative” pet. 

There’s room for 270 dogs, plus scores of cats, too. (While only one feline is in residence now, springtime will bring more.) Animal comfort is paramount, with shaded outdoor kennels, plant screens and heated floors and overhead misters for climate control. 

While the shelter’s location may be a little out of the way, we’re thinking the preponderance of needy animals in this high-stray area--plus its hip new architecture--makes it just the place to find a new best friend. 

South Los Angeles Animal Care Center, 1850 W. 60th St.; 888-452-7381 or

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