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In these damp, dark days of winter, we?re happy to have found an excuse for what we feel like doing most: rolling over and going to sleep. At the Shape House on Larchmont Boulevard, darkened napping rooms, hot tea and warm blankets--150 degrees warm--combine in a new weight loss and wellness therapy.

Shape House bills itself as an ?urban sweat lodge,? a term dreamed up by owner Sophie Chiche to describe the house she?s reconfigured into nine small rooms anchored by single beds facing flat-screen TVs.  

Clients pay $45 to change into cotton togs and lie down under infrared blankets that raise body temperature and hasten heartbeats. The hour-long treatment simultaneously relaxes participants, revs their metabolism and releases toxins.

We loved our private time at Shape House and watched the TED Talks channel before taking a catnap. While we didn?t lose inches from just one session, our skin did look radiant, and we felt almost as relaxed as if we?d spent that hour on the treadmill at the gym.  

We took a quick shower, then made our way across the street to Café Gratitude, invigorated by the easiest feel-good session we?ve ever had.

Shape House, 434 N. Larchmont Blvd.; 323-467-3000 or

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