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We?ve admired the handsome, handmade charm of the interiors at Silverlake?s Black Hogg and Melrose Avenue?s Osteria La Buca. They employ wood and bits of industrial steel in clean-lined and elegant ways. We found out they?re designed by the same guy, the dramatically named Brendan Ravenhill, a sculptor and product designer who?s having a studio sale tomorrow afternoon.

We?re doubly excited. Just seeing the Echo Park space where Ravenhill dreams up his build-a-better-mousetrap products (a bottle opener made from a nail, C-clamps repurposed as shelf brackets) would be impressive enough. But tomorrow we?ll have a chance not only to poke around his work space but also to buy his best-selling hex lamps (regularly $400) and bar stools ($500) at deeply discounted prices. 

While Ravenhill has received a lot of attention for his powder-coated iron dustbin (it?s got a dust pan for a lid and comes with a magnet-attached broom) that?s sold at West Elm, our favorite pieces are reminiscent of midcentury French master Jean Prouvé, such as the Cord Lamp ($150) and the sturdy upholstered Black Chair ($400) we love from Black Hogg.  

We?re showing up at noon sharp when the sale starts to be sure to get a piece of this rising L.A. design star.

Brendan Ravenhill, 1855 Park Dr.; 508-667-3681 or

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