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We love the rich-hippie look of flowing sundresses and loose cotton tops, but finding the right footwear to go with it can be a challenge. Birkenstocks? Too crunchy. Rubber flip-flops? Ho-hum.

The solution: Liwan sandals. Until recently, the shoes were available only at the Middle Eastern-themed Liwan boutique in Paris's sixth arrondissement, where jet-setting fashion editors would scoop them up. The Lebanese-made leather shoes ($99) are now imported to the U.S. exclusively by local boutique Feal Mor, and stocked in a rainbow of zingy hues such as metallic lavender, patent grass-green and tangerine. They are hand-embroidered and ornamented with a few rivets, the better to keep the toe loop and handsome straps in place. A thin, plastic sole makes walking a non-slip affair.

Feal Mor is also worth visiting for its carefully-edited Japanese denim and eclectic sportswear. Along with the sandals, the shop's beach-house vibe puts Feal Mor on the map for our own fashion pilgrimage.

Feal Mor, 165 S. La Brea Ave.; 323-939-6600 or

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