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The recent off-and-on chilly weather has us in a quandary: It?s not cold enough for a heavy winter coat, but our usual sweater-and-vest combo isn?t quite warm enough, either.

Now we've discovered down apparel that provides just the right amount of cozy: the HyBridge Lite collection from Canada Goose. This Toronto-based company is known for high-performance gear that insulates Everest climbers and Antarctic expeditioners. But its latest collection is cut leaner than most outerwear and incorporates Polartec Power Stretch fabric along the sides of the body, to make its styles especially flattering. 

The jacket ($495), vest ($325) and even skirt ($249) are filled with 800 fill-power Hutterite white goose down, but none of the pieces leave us looking like the Bibendum.

Pieces fold into their own pockets for ease in packing, though these jackets? light weights mean we need take them off only in the midday sun, since they?re rated for 41 degrees. Available at Fred Segal, Kitson and Bloomingdale?s online, styles are thin enough that we could wear them underneath a heavier layer--though we doubt we?d need to because the company?s thermal index promises toastiness down to 23 degrees. 

Kitson, 115 S. Robertson Blvd.; 310-859-2652 or

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